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How HVACs And Good Insulation Help Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Good quality insulation and excellent air flow and quality are the elements that contribute to a healthy home. Both are important factors that should be taken into account in the original construction plans of the home. You need to ensure that your building design accounts for good and clean air supply while also considering the need for insulation to help control room temperature.

How Insulation And HVAC Complement Each Other

Good insulation, be it when roofing or putting up the floors or wall, will ensure that your home does not face air leaks, fluctuating room temperatures, and moisture issues. In short, excellent insulation will result in controlled indoor air quality and helps to save energy. But, there is more to having good air quality than just having excellent insulation. For instance, there are days in particular seasons when the air is too cold or too hot, and thus a well-done insulation cannot account for a year-round comfortable home.

It is this fact that calls for the need to have an HVAC system installed in your home. The system will not only help to control indoor air quality but also indoor temperatures. Therefore, having an HVAC system in your home is more of an investment that complements the functions of having a well-done insulation. But, it is still possible to have poor air quality even with the two features installed in your home. How then can you avoid such a predicament when you have an insulated house with an HVAC installed? Below are the solutions you seek.

Have proper ventilation – this will protect your home from temperature and moisture issues as well as ensure you home is well-aired. As you invest in high-quality insulation and an HVAC system also invest in manual ventilation (good and functional door, windows, and vents) that allows a free flow of air in and out of the house.

Invest in combustion appliance – this should be a no-brainer especially in sections of the house such as the kitchen and the living room that has a fireplace. Combustion appliances will help to ensure the indoor air is not polluted, and this also prevents damaging the HVAC.

Regular maintenance checks – this should focus more on your air canals to ensure they are free from any allergens and pollutants. It will, in extension, need you to do a maintenance check on the insulation and the HVAC system ductwork.