How To Know You Have An HVAC That Is Good For The Environment

Air conditioning is a thing that most modern homes view as a necessity, especially here in Arizona.  HVACs have become an essential element that guarantees year-round comfort in homes and workplaces. It is a growing demand for these systems that the need to make them eco-friendly and energy efficient is at a premium.

However, with so many HVAC brands and products out there, how can you know that you have an AC system that is good for the environment? Here are a few features that you can look for in an HVAC before you making the purchase.

• Geothermal Heat Pumps

While geothermal technology might not be a new thing, it is the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution. The technology works by drawing heat or energy from the earth. In HVAC that use geothermal heat pumps, the system draws heat from outside the house, and the most advance of ACs that run on this system can simultaneous heat and cool a room. They work by leveraging both sides of the heat pumps by using a parallel connection of the pumps to hot and cold buffer tanks.

• Energy Analysis Software

We live in a smart digital age where machines can analyze situations and execute suitable solutions. In eco-friendly AC systems that run on energy analysis software, they have the capacity to analyze the temperature, activate geothermal heat pumps to run on a select heating and cooling setting. This efficiently reduces the overall energy costs of the home.

• HVAC Zoning

It is the new approach being used when installing AC systems into homes and workplaces. It effectively enhances home heating and cooling by having a single unit installed in every room for independent room temperature control. HVAC zoning takes away the installation of ductwork and the use of a central HVAC system which is often overworked to cool an entire building.

• Customized Matched Systems

Some HVAC brands have introduced customized matched systems that aim to increase their products’ energy efficiency. The technology works by using a single energy source to heat and other to cool the room yet each being customized to complement the indoor coils, thermostats, and other features in the unit thus allowing for an AC system that can be tailors to suit individual heating and cooling needs of a home.

The above are some of the existing features found in modern eco-friendly HVAC systems, and there is still more technologies in the pipeline all geared toward making AC systems more environmentally friendly. Give us a call to have us evaluate your current system, or if you are in the market, we can advise a system that would not only benefit the environment but your wallet too!! Call High Efficiency Today!